We deliver custom software solutions to the biggest names on the planet.

Osprey Software Development—we bring big ideas to life.

Osprey designs and delivers large scale, mission-critical software systems that support hundreds of thousands of end-users and billions of dollars in assets worldwide across the financial services, lending, energy, healthcare, defense and education industries.

The talent and technical expertise of our development and delivery teams, combined with our deep experience and dedication to superlative results, have made us “100% referenceable”—meaning our clients love our end products, and are happy to say it.

Industry Expertise

We draw upon years of experience to ensure client success, implementing best practices
and deep industry knowledge to give you a competitive edge that generates results.

Expert Services

Jump Start Technology

Enterprise Application Development
Full life-cycle; proven results for world-class clients, at world-class scale.
Data and Analytics
Find valuable “nuggets” with data science and business analysis.
Cloud Computing and Infrastructure
Leverage next generation cloud deployments to meet your operational and scalability goals.
Cost/Schedule/Function: Project Scoping
Improve expenditure and ROI decisions with clear, visible, and accurate project projections.
User Experience Design
Achieve market and customer usability with elegance, professionalism and class.
Cross-Platform Responsive Development
Intelligent execution and presence across all platforms and devices.
Business Application Framework
50% to completion before you begin; a reusable business tier object library.
Business Intelligence Platform
Cost-effective mechanism to pinpoint and act on latent value in your data.
Web Starter Kit
A reusable and secure browser-based “shell” for enterprise solutions.
DataHub Integration Platform
Seamlessly integrates and transforms different formats and storage systems to get data when and where it is needed.
AgileSync Development Kit
Migrate legacy applications with safety and ease, piece-by-piece.
End-User Experience and Engagement
Measure the end-user experience and monitor the performance of your solutions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“It is very rewarding to get something this powerful—and cool—out into the market, that our competitors can’t easily duplicate. We’ll let them play catch up for a while.”

One of the nation’s largest providers of insurance, lending and marketing products to financial institutions

“You dove in and understood our business needs… Powerful!”

Major Defense Contractor

“I can’t say enough about what a terrific job Osprey did for us! The upgrade this weekend was flawless!”

FInancial Services Provider

“You make our job easy. Couldn’t do it without you!”

One of the nation’s largest providers of insurance, lending and marketing products to financial institutions

“I want to extend a sincere thank you to all of you at Osprey. We know you sacrificed nights and weekends to meet our aggressive timeline.”

FInancial Services Provider

“Osprey saved us.”

Large FinTech Software Provider

We love a challenge, and guarantee results.

Claims Management System

Make claims reporting and processing simple, fast, and stress free. Claims reporting generally takes place when your customers experience unexpected life events. Helping them navigate through an unfamiliar and intimidating process builds loyal customers and eliminates potential confusion and processing delays.​

End is Near for SQL Server 2008/R2 and Windows Server 2008/R2

Microsoft will discontinue support for SQL Server 2008/R2 in July 2019. Then, in January 2020, Microsoft will also cease support for Windows Server 2008/R2. These imminent changes could create a number of new business challenges, but they also present the perfect opportunity to modernize applications, or even migrate to Azure.